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Our Services:

We open pre-orders typically on Sundays. This will be ordered for the following weekend’s inserts. All our shipping, for the most part, is always on Saturdays. (Except Texas, those ship on Mondays).

Orders may be placed between Sundays – Friday (8:30 am est) for guaranteed Saturday shipping. Any orders past 8:30 am Fridays, may not go out on Saturday. We list our areas per SET.

(Think of it as 1 set = 1 newspapers contents worth of inserts).

How to choose a region to order from:

The differences come in the regional coupons and also sometimes the face values may differ as well. You can order from any area listed, even if you don’t actually reside there.

All coupons can be used, anywhere coupons are accepted. We do offer past weeks as well, as available n our site. But even if it is not listed, please feel free to message admin what you are looking for and we will gladly check stock for you.