Our Services

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Our Services:

We open pre-orders typically on Sundays. This will be ordered for the following weekend’s inserts. All our shipping, for the most part, is always on Saturdays. (Except Texas, those ship on Mondays).
Orders may be placed between Sundays – Friday (8:30 am est) for guaranteed Saturday shipping. Any orders past 8:30 am Fridays, may not go out on Saturday. 
Our packages are based by the paper. (Think of it as 4 pack = 4 newspapers.) So however many inserts come out that weekend, it would be x4. 
For example: 2 inserts are released, and you chose the 10 pack. This means you will receive 10 of each insert or 20 inserts total for that weekends order.

How to choose a region to order from:
The differences come in the regional coupons and also sometimes the face values may differ as well. You can order from any area listed, even if you don’t actually reside there.
All coupons can be used, anywhere coupons are accepted. We do offer past weeks as well, as available n our site. But even if it is not listed, please feel free to message admin what you are looking for and we will gladly check stock for you.

Clipped Coupons
All clipped coupons are sold in sets of 10. (This means for every 1 you put in the qty box, you will receive 10 identical coupons). Clipped coupons are mailed by Regular Stamped Envelopes.*Standard Stamped Envelope* is already factored into pricing. Clipped Coupons are processed Monday-Thursdays or as time allows! You may *UPGRADE* clipped coupon orders to go out with tracking instead of regular stamped envelope. The option will be listed on checkout page. 
Please keep in mind, by placing an order of clipped coupons, you agree to wait up to 14 days, as USPS states on their site, for delivery. (Never really takes that long)… We are NOT responsible for any LOST, STOLEN, LATE, or EXPIRED Coupons!
Weekly Subscriptions:
Introducing the set it and forget it method. Here you are able to sign up for a subscription service for weekly inserts. This is an auto-deducted service. Never forget your Sunday coupon inserts again!
*Payments are deducted every week and shipping is automatic.* 
**Please Note: If you begin a subscription on a Saturday or Sunday, that will be applied to the NEW week, not the current.
Example: If you begin a subscription on Sunday 9/02, your first order will ship with 9/09 inserts. This is because on Sundays we switch over to the new week and it helps us not “miss” current week orders.