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If you are looking to keep your coupons organized, check this out!


Five Star 2 Inch Zipper Binder, 3 Ring Binder, 6-Pocket Expanding File, Durable, Blue (72534)

When I first started couponing, I wanted all of my coupons with me to grab as many deals as i could.  I saw many folks were using the “Zipped binder method” and decided to get it a try myself.

Trying to keep organized, I decided to give the zippered binder method a shot.



Mine is a purple-ish color (lol) and I STILL LOVE IT! (This is the Five Star Zipper Binder that I personally have.)

I also noticed folks used baseball card holders to keep their coupons and that it worked REALLY well when sorting coupons into categories or “like” products together.

(Later on I found these sleeves specifical  JUST FOR COUPONS!! No more having to fold my coupons! These sleeves come with a variety of pocket sizes for ALL the different sized coupons! Can we say SWEET!!!!)

Below I will include the complete list of what I originally ordered and the total! LOVE LOVE, that Amazon delivers in 2 days or less!

So these are the exact items I purchased:

Five Star 2 Inch Zipper Binder, 3 Ring Binder, 6-Pocket Expanding File $19.99 
Regular baseball card holders for $5.72 
(Substitute with Ultra Pro Coupon Saver Starter Pack $9.99 and save almost $4 more)

Order Summary

Items (2): $25.71
Shipping & handling: $0.00

Total before tax: $25.71
Estimated tax to be collected: $1.54

Order total: $27.25
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Coupon Lingo


Free Download version here:   Coupon Lingo 2018

New to couponing and can’t seem to understand all the lingo with it?

Here’s a cheat sheet to get you on going as you learn…. Enjoy!

Deal and Coupon Terms

  • $2/1 = $2.00 off of 1 item
  • 2/$5 = 2 items for $5.00
  • B1g1/BOGO = Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  • BD = Break down
  • CW or Cartwheel = Target Digital Savings Program
  • Q = Coupon
  • DnD = Do not double
  • DQ = Digital coupon
  • ETS = Excludes trial size
  • Exp = Expiration date
  • GC = Gift card
  • Ip = Internet printable coupon
  • MQ= Manufacturers Coupon
  • MIR = Mail in rebate
  • MM = Money maker deal
  • NLA = No longer available
  • Oop = Out of pocket
  • Pq = Publix store coupon
  • PM = Price match
  • RC = Raincheck
  • SC = Store coupon
  • WYB = When you buy
  • YMMV= Your miles may vary

Earned Rewards / Coupons

  • CAT / Catalina =Register coupon that prints once you pay. (Can be used on a future transaction)
  • ECB / Extra Care Bucks = Earned at CVS
  • RR / Register Rewards = Earned at Walgreens
  • BR / Balance Rewards = Also earned at Walgreens
  • Plenti Points = Earned at Rite Aid & Winn Dixie/ilo

Sunday Paper Inserts

  • Pg / P&G = Proctor & Gamble coupon insert
  • Rmn = Retail Me Not coupon insert
  • Ss = Smartsource coupon insert.

Note: Rmn / Ss are *mostly* published weekly unless there is a holiday. PG is published once a month only.

Store Abbreviations

  • DG = Dollar General
  • DT = Dollar Tree
  • RA = Rite Aid
  • WD = Winn Dixie
  • Wags = Walgreens