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If you are looking to keep your coupons organized, check this out!


Five Star 2 Inch Zipper Binder, 3 Ring Binder, 6-Pocket Expanding File, Durable, Blue (72534)

When I first started couponing, I wanted all of my coupons with me to grab as many deals as i could.  I saw many folks were using the “Zipped binder method” and decided to get it a try myself.

Trying to keep organized, I decided to give the zippered binder method a shot.



Mine is a purple-ish color (lol) and I STILL LOVE IT! (This is the Five Star Zipper Binder that I personally have.)

I also noticed folks used baseball card holders to keep their coupons and that it worked REALLY well when sorting coupons into categories or “like” products together.

(Later on I found these sleeves specifical  JUST FOR COUPONS!! No more having to fold my coupons! These sleeves come with a variety of pocket sizes for ALL the different sized coupons! Can we say SWEET!!!!)

Below I will include the complete list of what I originally ordered and the total! LOVE LOVE, that Amazon delivers in 2 days or less!

So these are the exact items I purchased:

Five Star 2 Inch Zipper Binder, 3 Ring Binder, 6-Pocket Expanding File $19.99 
Regular baseball card holders for $5.72 
(Substitute with Ultra Pro Coupon Saver Starter Pack $9.99 and save almost $4 more)

Order Summary

Items (2): $25.71
Shipping & handling: $0.00

Total before tax: $25.71
Estimated tax to be collected: $1.54

Order total: $27.25
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Coupon Lingo


Free Download version here:   Coupon Lingo 2018

New to couponing and can’t seem to understand all the lingo with it?

Here’s a cheat sheet to get you on going as you learn…. Enjoy!

Deal and Coupon Terms

  • $2/1 = $2.00 off of 1 item
  • 2/$5 = 2 items for $5.00
  • B1g1/BOGO = Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  • BD = Break down
  • CW or Cartwheel = Target Digital Savings Program
  • Q = Coupon
  • DnD = Do not double
  • DQ = Digital coupon
  • ETS = Excludes trial size
  • Exp = Expiration date
  • GC = Gift card
  • Ip = Internet printable coupon
  • MQ= Manufacturers Coupon
  • MIR = Mail in rebate
  • MM = Money maker deal
  • NLA = No longer available
  • Oop = Out of pocket
  • Pq = Publix store coupon
  • PM = Price match
  • RC = Raincheck
  • SC = Store coupon
  • WYB = When you buy
  • YMMV= Your miles may vary

Earned Rewards / Coupons

  • CAT / Catalina =Register coupon that prints once you pay. (Can be used on a future transaction)
  • ECB / Extra Care Bucks = Earned at CVS
  • RR / Register Rewards = Earned at Walgreens
  • BR / Balance Rewards = Also earned at Walgreens
  • Plenti Points = Earned at Rite Aid & Winn Dixie/ilo

Sunday Paper Inserts

  • Pg / P&G = Proctor & Gamble coupon insert
  • Rmn = Retail Me Not coupon insert
  • Ss = Smartsource coupon insert.

Note: Rmn / Ss are *mostly* published weekly unless there is a holiday. PG is published once a month only.

Store Abbreviations

  • DG = Dollar General
  • DT = Dollar Tree
  • RA = Rite Aid
  • WD = Winn Dixie
  • Wags = Walgreens
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Welcome to B.Q. Savings!

Here’s a little information on our services to help get you going with our services

We provide full uncut inserts weekly. We offer three FL areas, as well as Texas, and are always adding new areas to try!

Our Services:

We open pre-orders typically on Sundays. This will be ordered for the following weekend’s inserts. All our shipping, for the most part, is always on Saturdays. (Except Texas, those ship on Mondays). Orders may be placed between Sundays through Friday (8:30 am est) for guaranteed Saturday shipping. Any orders past 8:30 am Fridays, may not go out on Saturday. (This all depends on our private schedules. We all have children and spouses that want/deserve our attention).

We list our areas per SET. (Think of it as 1 set = 1 newspapers contents worth of inserts)

Clipped coupons are provided by our admins Kelly Lee and Jennifer Parker ONLY!

You may post an ISO (in search of) list on the group wall or message her directly. Please be sure to include the best description of coupon, week, and insert it was released in. This will ensure we don’t waste time searching for multiple weeks. If you are not sure, a coupon database does provide this information for you. Here is an example of how to request:



$2/1 Tide Pod – 12/30 PG

This tells us you want the $2 tide coupon, that was available in the PG insert released on December 30th.

How to choose a region to order from:

All inserts are basically the same. The differences come in the regional coupons and also sometimes the face values may differ as well. You can order from any area listed, even if you don’t actually reside there. All coupons can be used, anywhere coupons are accepted.

We do offer past weeks as well, as available n our site. But even if it is not listed, please feel free to message admin what you are looking for and we will gladly check stock for you.


On all whole insert orders, shipping is FREE!

For clipped coupons, shipping will be calculated at the time of your order.

If you are ever uncertain, please feel free to message our admins or helpers. We all here to help and assist all of you.

If there’s any info we have missed here, please message us and we will gladly add more information!!!!